Cherqui F., Szota C., Poelsma P., James R., Burns M.J., Fletcher T. and Bertrand-Krajewski J.-L. (2019) How to manage nature-based solution assets such as stormwater control measures? 8th Leading-edge conf. on Strategic Asset management. IWA (Int. Water Assoc.), 23-27 September, Vancouver, Canada. Conf_LESAM2019-Cherqui-al_article

Mind4Stormwater @ LESAM 2019

Cherqui F., Szota C., James R., Poelsma P., Perigaud T., Burns M.J., Fletcher T., Bertrand-Krajewski J.-L. (2019) Toward proactive management of stormwater control measures using low-cost technology, 10th international conference NOVATECH, 1-5 July, Lyon, France. Conf_Novatech2019-Cherqui-al_article

Mind4Stormwater @ Novatech 2019

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