O&M Guidelines for stormwater control measures

What should I do with my Stormwater Control Measure? You will find below what some utilities are doing. These guidelines may help you to build your own asset management strategy or your own operation & maintenance actions… The list will be regularly updated (and you can propose other guidelines by contacting me).

If you want to propose a new guideline, use this form:

Short link to these page: http://tiny.cc/guidelinesSCMs

From Australia

  • Adoption Guidelines for Stormwater Biofiltration Systems – Appendix K: Maintenance requirements for biofiltration systems: plan and checking tools, 2015, Cooperative Research Centre for Water Sensitive Cities, here
  • City of Melbourne WSUD Guidelines – Applying the Model WSUD Guidelines, 2010, City of Melbourne & Melbourne Water, here
  • City of Port Philip WSUD Guidelines, City of Port Philip and Melbourne Water, ?, here or here
  • Constructed wetlands design manual, Melbourne Water, ?, Melbourne Water, here
  • Living Rivers WSUD Asset Audit, 2017, Melbourne Water & Alluvium Consulting Australia, here or here
  • Melbourne Water maintenance agreement template, ?, Melbourne water, here or here
  • Stormwater Quality Strategy, 2015, City of Greater Geelong , here or here
  • WSUD Audit Guidelines, 2017, Stormwater Victoria & Melbourne Water, here
  • WSUD life cycle costing, 2013, Melbourne Water, here
  • WSUD maintenance guidelines – A guide for asset managers, 2013, Melbourne Water, here
  • WSUD maintenance guidelines – Inspection and maintenance activities, 2013, Melbourne Water, here
  • Zero Additional Maintenance Water Sensitive Urban Design (ZAM-WSUD) Handbook, CRC for Water Sensitive Cities, Manningham Council and Melbourne Water, 2018, here or here

From Canada

  • Guide de gestion des eaux pluviales : Chapitre 12 – Considérations d’opération, d’entretien et de suivi, 2014, Québec & RESEAU Environnement, here or here (in French)
  • Low impact development stormwater management planning and design guide, Toronto and Region Conservation Authority, Credit Valley Conservation and Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority, wiki, here

From France (in French)

  • Aménagement et eaux pluviales – Guide à l’usage des professionnels, 2008, Grand Lyon la Métropole, here
  • Intégrer la gestion des eaux pluviales dans les aménagements – guide pratique, 2012?, Agglo Hénin-Carvin,  here
  • Les solutions compensatoires d’assainissement pluvial – Guide de conception/réalisation à l’usage des professionnels, 2014, Communauté Urbaine de Bordeaux, here
  • Observatoire régional des opérations exemplaires pour la gestion des eaux pluviales, online, GRAIE, here
  • Outils de bonne gestion des eaux de ruissellement en zones urbaines – Document d’orientation pour une meilleure maîtrise des pollutions dès l’origine du ruissellement, 2013, Agence de l’eau Seine-Normandie & Composante Urbaine & LEESU, here
  • Projet Ville Perméable – Comment réussir la gestion des eaux pluviales dans nos aménagements, 2017, Grand Lyon la Métropole, here
  • Projet Ville Perméable – Métrologie : réflexions sur le suivi des ouvrages des eaux pluviales, 2017, Grand Lyon la Métropole, here

From Singapore

  • Active, Beautiful, Clean Waters (ABC Waters) Design guidelines 4th edition, 2018, PUB: Singapore’s National Water Agency, here
  • Condensed booklet of Engineering Procedures for ABC Waters Design Features, 2018, PUB: Singapore’s National Water Agency, here

From United Kingdom

  • The SuDS Manual (C753) version 6, 2015, CIRIA, here
  • SUDS Maximising the potential for people and wildlife – A guide for local authorities and developers, 2013,  RSPB & WWT, here

From USA

  • Georgia Stormwater Management Manual Appendix E – Operations & Maintenance Guidance Document, 2015, Atlanta Regional Commission, here
  • Green Stormwater Operations and Maintenance Manual, 2009, Seattle Public Utilities, here
  • Horry County Stormwater Management Design Manual, 2017, Horry County South Carolina, here
  • Operation and Maintenance of Green Infrastructure Receiving Runoff from Roads and Parking Lots, 2016, United States Environmental Protection Agency, here
  • Philadelphia Stormwater Management Guidance Manual, online, Philadelphia Water, here
  • Regular Inspection and Maintenance Guidance for Bioretention Systems/Tree Filters, 2011, University of New Hampshire Stormwater Center, here
  • Regular Inspection and Maintenance Guidance for Porous Pavements, 2011, University of New Hampshire Stormwater Center, here
  • Stormwater Best Management Practices: Guidance Document, 2013, Boston Water and Sewer Commission & Geosyntec Consultants, here
  • Stormwater BMP Guidance Tool – A Stormwater Best Management Practices Guide for Orleans and Jefferson Parishes, 2010, Bayouland RC&D & DEQ Louisiana, here
  • Stormwater Design Manual: A-7. Operation and Maintenance, 2018, North Carolina Environmental Quality, here or here
  • Stormwater Management Practice – Operation & Maintenance Manual, 2014, Philadelphia Water, here or here
  • Stormwater Wet Pond and Wetland Management Guidebook, 2009, United States Environmental Protection Agency, here
  • Urban Waterways – Maintenance of Stormwater Wetlands and Wet Ponds, 2006, North Carolina State University, here

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